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NVQ Level 2 & 3  in Insulation & Building Treatments

NVQ  Costs Per Person

  • NVQ Level 2 - £875 = Access to CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card
  • NVQ Level 3 - £1,150 = Access to CSCS Gold Advanced Craft Card

All our NVQs include 1 Pathway, which is the minimum required to achieve your NVQ. Additional pathways to add to your existing NVQ will cost the following:

  • Additional NVQ Level 2 Pathways = £325
  • Additional NVQ Level 3 Pathways = £475

About this Qualification

As part of the industries PAS 2035 Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency, as of July 2021 you will be required to have achieved your sector relevant NVQ. For more details on the PAS 2030 & 2035 you can follow this link from TrustMark Click here

This qualification is aimed at those who are involved in carrying out insulation or associated treatments to buildings; this could be on internal or external surfaces or structures. The qualification is designed to ensure that there is a high degree of flexibility within the units available that will allow employees from companies of all sizes and specialisms equal opportunity to complete. All work completed must be done in accordance with Building Regulations and Industry recognised safe working practices, including the disposal of waste.

The standards cover the most important aspects of the job. This qualification is at Level 2 & 3, although some units may be at different levels and should be taken by those who are fully trained to deal with routine assignments. Candidates should require minimum supervision in undertaking the job.

NVQ Level 2 Diploma Pathways

  • Pathway 1 - Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing
  • Pathway 2 - Wall Tie Replacement
  • Pathway 3 - Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Pathway 4 - Solid Floor Insulation
  • Pathway 5 - Under Floor Insulation
  • Pathway 6 - Cold Roof Insulation

NVQ Level 3 Diploma Pathways

  • Pathway 1 - Room in Roof
  • Pathway 2 - Park Homes
  • Pathway 3 - Hybrid Wall
  • Pathway 4 - Insulating Framed Sections of Buildings
  • Pathway 5 - External Wall Insulation Boarder
  • Pathway 6 - External Wall Insulation Finisher
  • Pathway 7 - External Wall Insulation Boarder and Finisher
  • Pathway 8 - Internal Insulation (Walls)

Measures Covered

  • Measure B1 - CWI - CWI Installer requirements.
  • Measure B4 - EWI - EWI Installer requirements.
  • Measure B9 - Loft Insulation - Loft Insulation Installer requirements.
  • Measure B6 - Floor Insulation - Floor Insulation Installer requirements.
  • Measure B8 - IWI - IWI Installer requirements.
  • Measure B5 – Flat Roof Insulation.
  • Measure B10 – Pitched Roof Insulation.
  • Measure B12 - Room in Roof Insulation - Room in Roof Insulation Installer requirements.

We can also help with the following measures

Measure B3 - Glazing - Level 2 NVQ in Glazing, Fenestration Installation

Measure B8 - IWI - IWI Installer requirements - Level 2 NVQ in Insulation and Building Treatments with Internal Insulation pathway or Drylining/Plastering NVQ.

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