Assessors in Construction

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Assessors in Construction


Vela Training has been successful securing another funding project from the DLPTF to contact our already achieved and new candidates the option to become an assessor the construction industry. With help from the CITB access to assessing in construction has never been easier.

As you may be aware there is a shortage of assessors within the construction sector which in turn has created a backlog of candidates waiting to upgrade from there CRO CSCS card onto a Blue – Skilled Worker card or higher. With your industry knowledge you can help bring through the next generation of competent work operatives and have your say where it matters for the future of training & assessments in construction.

This is the ideal chance to carry out a Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement for a reduced rate as supported by the DLPTF, AFOS and CITB.

Other useful sources: Safety & Access Limited & PBC Today


In most cases yes, if you’ve already completed your NVQ with us or another provider you are automatically competent to assess the NVQ you’ve achieved.

You will need the following skills to be a highly skilled assessor, but these skills can be taught in your own time. Just like any job you will become a master.

  • Admin Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Uploading & Downloading
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Learner Management Systems

This will be part of your continues CPD training and we have an online system to help you get started.


ASSESS WHILST YOU WORK – In many cases assessors in the construction industry can carry on working their regular jobs whilst offering assessor services to top up their salary.

WORK SELF EMPLOYED – Many Training Providers offer work on a self-employed basis, you can make yourself available for assessing if you have the time to offer.

HAVE YOUR SAY – Don’t be a keyboard warrior! If you think you have a valuable suggestion to the future of training and assessing then becoming qualified is key. You will be eligible to attend awarding body meetings and sit with funding associations and talk through your ideas the right way.

CAREER OPTIONS – Whether you’re nearing the end of your working career, looking for a new route or you’re young and ambitious enough to add more strings to your bow, becoming an assessor will give you a new angle of understanding about the industry you’re in.

EMPLOYED WORK – Thinking about working for a college or a large training provider. Most further education centres are always looking for assessors in the construction field.

MANAGE YOUR OWN CASE LOAD – You can have as little as 2 candidates per month or up to 30 candidates on your case load at one time. It’s up to you how many you feel comfortable assessing. Most Training Providers/Colleges will risk assess your case load so don’t worry about taking on too much to start with.


We’ve been working with the DLPTF and have managed to source funding to drive down the costs of the assessor’s qualification down.

We have split this qualification into 2 parts:

  1. Assessing Competence & Skills (£800 funded by the DLPTF)
  2. Understanding Assessments

Normally the fully accredited Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement Qualification would cost £1,300. The additional £500 may not be required based on you current ability and industry knowledge.

You may only need to carry out the 1st part as your knowledge in the industry may already be high. We recommend the 2nd part for candidates who have not got any previous experience with training and assessing type industries. This will be carried out in classroom sessions.

Even if you need both parts this price is unbeatable anywhere and it’s for a short term only.

We have the funding to cover the first part of your assessing qualification. The training part of your qualification will be reviewed to see if your prior skills cover our training requirements.


Simply follow the links below to view the qualification and use the links to get in touch. Or Contact Us and ask us for more details.