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Who are the FIS?

FIS speaks with one strong voice for the finishes and interiors sector. We work on behalf of our membership to raise awareness and increase the influence of the sector. We help members to make the most of our opportunities through advice, training, technical support and dialogue with government and other bodies.

Our growing influence is based on the support we give to members, our ability to share knowledge for and about the sector, our determination to drive standards high and to encourage a sense of pride in the quality of our members’ work.

By coming together as one strong organisation – created in 2014 from a merger of two previous trade associations – we are a powerful and unique voice for the sector. The new organisation was launched with its new name FIS in 2015.

FIS represents a growing sector, addressing key issues that affect our specialist members but also, more broadly, the construction industry and the UK economy. We aim to equip member companies to meet client needs more effectively, to make sure the sector has enough people with the right skills working to high technical standards, and to embed a culture of quality and sustainable development. We focus on innovation because that creates a better tomorrow, but we are rigorous about health and safety because that affects the way we work today.

FIS is a coming together of previous organisations the Association of Interior Specialists and the Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors.


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What this means for VELA Training

Key area

"Working with the FIS gives VELA Training access to knowledge within the interior fit-out sector for both training purposes and development. The FIS is able to help VELA Training through their vast membership program which can be accessed through their website.

Being part of the FIS group has meant VELA Training have been put in direct contact with organisations such as MAC Plasterboards Systems, Bluegyp, Sunnybank Plastering, British Gypsum and many more. This has helped us look at individual organisation needs within the Interior Fit-Out sector.

Whilst working with the FIS, VELA Training has been able to work with key staff members to identify skills gaps and hard to reach organisations who require training/qualifications. We have been working with the likes of Air3 and MarkOne who are members of the FIS and have been given additional qualification and training support to help them develop.”


Networking Events

VELA Training attends workshops and events set up by the FIS for a number of subject's key to our training business. these include;

  • Apprenticeship Development
  • Training Provider Workshops
  • Member Networking
  • CourseSight Workshop - Online Qualification Bookings


Access to Funding

Working with the CITB, the FIS has access to funding which has helped VELA Training fund many of its candidates in the interior fit-out sector. As well as funding support the FIS have given us the ability keep our candidates in work and offer development of skills and knowledge within the interior fit-out sector.


FIS Support

Jeremy Clayton | Training Manager -

Helen Yeulet | FIS Consultant -


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