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Construction NVQ’s for CSCS Card Types

Our Guide to Construction NVQ's for your CSCS Card Needs


Not sure what NVQ's get what CSCS card? Take a look at our guide to NVQ assessment.


At Vela Training we have a range of NVQ's available to meet your construction CSCS card needs. All of our NVQ qualifications are fully accredited which gives you access to the following cards


Red Card Trainee - This card can be used when you have enrolled onto one of our NVQ's Level 2's


*Please note this is a 1 year card only and cannot be renewed*



Blue Card Skilled Worker - Our NVQ Skilled Level 2's will cover this area. 





Gold Card Advanced Craft - Our NVQ Skilled Level 3's will cover this area. 




Gold Card Supervisory - Our NVQ's in Supervisory Level 3 and 4 will cover this area. 




Black Card Manager - Our NVQ's in Manager Level 5 up to 7 will cover this area. 


Price List

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*All applicants must have passed the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test within the past two years and be registered for the relevant Construction Related NVQ or SVQ.