Assessor Qualifications

Assessing Vocational Achievement

About This Qualification

Our Assessing Vocational Achievement Qualification is aimed at those who carry out assessments of skills and knowledge in both occupational and vocational activities. This includes those who assess on-site, and/or in a workshop or classroom-based environments using assessment methods such as observation, skills tests, oral and written questions, assignments, projects, case studies and recognition of prior learning. To complete this qualification it will be necessary to have a minimum of 5 candidates to work with, and these candidates must be working in an industry you have occupational knowledge and experience of. The qualification requirements include planning of assessments, making judgments of performance and knowledge against agreed standards and providing feedback to the candidates on performance. The ability to communicate clearly is essential.


  • Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
  • Assess occupational competence in the work environment
  • Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding


Each candidate who is enrolled on the Assessing Vocational Achievement Qualifications is required to meet a basic candidate agreement with VELA Training;

  • Must be aged 18+
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience in the sector you wish to assess
  • Must be at literacy level 2 standard
  • Be competent in the area you want to assess in either through your working background, qualifications or both
  • Be able to assess 2 candidates (VELA Training can Provide)
  • A high level of administration skill (training & support can be provided)
  • A moderate level of IT skills (training & support can be provided)
  • Excellent communication skills

How we do it

VELA Training will place you on an e-portfolio system with all the knowledge-based questions you will have to answer. We will support you in finding the correct answers and you will be in direct contact with one of our fully qualified assessors at all time.

Once you have the knowledge of assessing completed we will work with you to begin assessing your own candidates under the supervision of one of own fully qualified assessors. Don't worry you will not be doing the assessments on your own.

Once you have gathered assessment evidence from your chosen candidates we will show you how to cross-reference against the units to make it ready for IQA and eventually EQA satisfaction.

On achievement of this qualification, you will then earn your CAVA (certificate in assessing vocational achievement) letting you 

The benefits

Becoming a qualified assessor opens the door to a verity of perks such as;

  • Become self employed
  • Add a couple of candidates to your current workload for additional income
  • Work full time for colleges or training providers
  • Work on a self-employed basis for colleges or training providers and chose your own workload
  • Work from home & organise your own working day
  • Get to see and be part of some of the industries top construction sites
  • Gain knowledge of what's happening in your sector and provide help and support 

Where can I find out more?

Right here QGA Qualifications

What will the cost be?

Currently, we have funding so contact us and we can check your current competency and skill levels.

Funding Support

We can actually provide you with the candidates needed to complete your Assessing Vocational for free. You would need to comply with a number of policies and also complete our skills scan before moving forward.

Also, try an Advanced Learner Loan this will give you the option to pay back your loan the same way a student loan works.

The important thing is to ask us, we can help get the right support for you.

How can I get in touch?

Simple, just click the button below that applies and one of our team will be touch.

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Contact Us - and talk to one of our staff 


A pre-induction will be carried out before enrolment by the assessor to make sure a candidate is competent to carry out any NVQ qualification.

A Risk Assessment will be carried out at the start of every visit. If your assessor feels that you are not working in a safe environment, we reserve the right to halt the assessment.

All candidates must demonstrate a good level of spoken English.